Engineering Department

It is the mission of the Town Engineer to:

Survey, design, and prepare drawings for DPW projects & Town infrastructure projects. These include   sanitary sewer, storm drainage, water lines and road construction. Coordinate projects with other utility companies.

Prepare request for qualifications for engineering projects. Prepare bid packages, plans and  specifications for construction projects. Projects include utility and roadwork.

Review drainage, storm water management, and utility plans for planning board and zoning board applications. Certify to planning board completeness of new road and utility construction. Make recommendation to planning board for release of bond during construction of new roads and infrastructure.

Administer the soil erosion and sedimentation control ordinance. Plans show erosion control measures, drainage, and finish grading. A checklist of required plan items is available at the Department of Public Works office located at 9 Berkeley Avenue Sediment and erosion control permits are required for all new building permits, major additions, and modifications to existing facilities. Single-family application fee is $150.00. Non residential plan review cost depends on size of project. A final inspection of finish grading and drainage is required prior to certificate of occupancy.

Coordinate and review RIDOT projects that will impact the Town.

Related Information: Town Charter Article VI Sec. 605.  Town Engineer.

There shall be a town engineer appointed by the town administrator.  He shall be a civil engineer, and need not be a resident of the Town of Middletown.  He may be appointed to serve either full time or part time.  He shall be available to provide engineering advice and services to the town administrator, the town council, and all other departments, offices and agencies of the town government.  He shall be responsible for the custody and proper maintenance of all the files and records that pertain to his office, including surveys, plans, maps and the like.  He shall maintain these files and records in the Town of Middletown.  The results of all engineering studies or similar work he performs for the town shall become the property of the town.

Engineering Department

Contact Information

Warren Hall
Town Engineer

Contact Engineering Department
Phone 1 (401) 846-2119

350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842